What Makes Pediatric Dentists Special

Pediatric dentists aren’t just dentists who specialize in children’s oral health.

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Pediatric dentists have at least two years of specialized training in dentistry for infants, children, teens, and special needs. It’s hard to find a pediatric dentist who doesn’t love children.

Pediatric dentists are officially called pedodontists. They have general dentistry training and two to three years of additional training focusing on child oral health. They also have training and experience in helping children to feel at ease in the dentist’s office. They build a dental practice that makes parents and children feel at home, creating positive memories that will make children eager to care for their teeth. Good pediatric dentists make parents and children happy to return for their checkups to maintain a healthy smile.

Infant and Toddler Dental Care

Pediatric dentists provide infants and toddlers with infant oral health exams and risk assessment for potential caries (tooth decay) for children and mothers, they will also offer habit counseling for issues like thumb sucking and pacifiers.

Preventive Dental Care for Children

They also offer preventive dental care for all ages of a child, including recommendations for healthy nutrition and diet, along with cleaning and fluoride treatments.

Tooth Straightening And Emergency Dental Care for Children and Teens

Pediatric orthodontia includes early assessment and tooth straightening. Pedodontists also diagnose gum disease or cavities and can treat and repair any problems.

If your active child fractures or loses a tooth, the pediatric dentist can care for and address the problem safely. They are experienced in providing emergency dental care — and when children lose their baby teeth naturally, they know how to help manage tooth spacing for optimal growth of permanent teeth.

Pediatric dentists entered the profession because they love children and want to care for their teeth. Beyond general dentistry, pedodontists can care for your child’s teeth from babyhood through the teen years. Schedule your child’s appointment with a pediatric dentist today.