Top 5 Tooth Fairy Approved Books


What better way to help your child through the process of wobbly and new teeth than engage them with these tooth fairy approved books!

Top 5 Tooth Fairy Approved Books


Wobbly teeth, new teeth, and visits to the dentists can be scary for any kid. Learning about what takes place can help them get rid of this fear. What better way to help them through this other than engage them with these top 5 tooth fairy approved books.

Peppa Pig: The Tooth Fairy

Peppa Pig is a lovable pig who lives with Daddy Pig, Mummy Pig and George, her little brother. After losing her first tooth, she puts it under the pillow and waits for the Tooth Fairy. Will the Tooth Fairy come? If she does, what surprise awaits Peppa?

The Night Before the Tooth Fairy

Written by Natasha Wing, this is the story of a young boy’s tooth that just won’t come out. The family tries out different ways of making the tooth come out because he’s really anxious about meeting the Tooth Fairy!


When Pinkalicious loses a tooth, she is disheartened to learn that it is her sweet tooth. As a result, cookies and candy taste terrible. She writes a note to the Tooth Fairy, but only Easter Bunny, Cupid and a Christmas elf respond. Will Pinkalicious ever get her taste back?

Tooth Fairy’s Night

Children get a learn on what a Tooth Fairy job entails as they spend a night with her as she takes them through her work. What dangers does she encounter? What does a Tooth Fairy’s job entail? This is a favorite with children who are beginning to lose their teeth or already have.

Anna and the Tooth Fairy

As Anna looks forward to the Tooth Fairy’s visit, as her first tooth is about to come out, her younger Sophie is just like a Tooth Fairy because she’s always up at night and has a rattle resembling a magic wand. What will happen when Anna’s tooth comes out and Sophie’s first tooth surfaces?

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