Summer Dental Care for Kids


School might be out for the summer, but fun in the sun doesn’t mean dental care needs to stop.

Summer Dental Care for Kids

Here we’ve put together a guide to help you and your kids stay on track with hygiene and good habits.

Keep the Routine Going

Everyone needs to brush their teeth twice daily and floss every day, too. With the routine of school gone, you might need to work extra hard to keep your family on track. Consider using a chore or healthy habits calendar, or build brushing teeth into some points-based system or other game.

Eat Healthily

Sweet snacks and soft drinks are the worst for your teeth, so steer clear of ice cream, candy, and sodas. Keep fresh fruit and cold bottled water on hand instead.

Follow the Rules in the Pool and Beyond

The pool is known to be particularly dangerous since kids may run on slick surfaces and hit hard ceramic walls, chipping or even knocking out teeth. Make sure they exercise caution when walking around pools, and only dive in designated areas.

If your kids play any contact sports, invest in gear to protect their mouths.

Carry an Emergency Dental Kit

This can be part of your first aid kit, including a clean container in case you need to transport a tooth, cloths for a cold compress, and gauze.

Get Check-Ups Now

Visit your dentist for annual check-ups and dental cleanings for the summer, when you and your kids have a bit more scheduling flexibility. If anything special needs to get done – such as fittings for mouth guards, procedures, or any other preventive dental care – this also leaves time for any necessary adjustments.

Be proactive about baby teeth, which are vital to dental development and learning good hygiene habits.