Stages of A Child's Teeth Development

No matter what stage your child’s teeth are at, it is important for them to see a dentist.  A pediatric dentist has the proper skills and training to help any child through the different stages of teeth development. A child dentist knows more about this process than any other dentist.  To learn more about the stages listed below, or to schedule an appointment, contact us today!

Stage 1: Baby Teeth Grow In


A child’s first tooth will start come in around their first six to twelve months.  Most often the first teeth to come in are the ones in the middle of the mouth.  From this point on teeth will continue to grow in, usually one to two every month.  While it varies from child to child, by their 3rd birthday mostly all of the baby teeth should be visible, 20 teeth in total.

Stage 2: Baby Teeth Fall Out

Around the age of 6 is when a child’s first tooth will fall out, and it is usually one of the two front teeth.  Over the course of the next 6 years, a child’s teeth will fall out as their permanent teeth grow under them.  It is important during this time to make sure the permanent teeth are growing in properly.  This is another reason why your child should continue to see their dentist.


Stage 3: Permanent Teeth Grow In


The final stage of teeth development is when all the permanent teeth come in.  This stage occurs during and after stage 2.  A normal person will have a total set of 32 permanent teeth come in.  Most will be visible by age 13, but wisdom teeth can appear a few years later, around the age of 17.  Permanent teeth are there to stay, so it is incredibly important to make sure a child is taking care of their teeth. Also, if teeth are not coming in properly, an orthodontist may be required to straighten a child’s teeth.