Should You Save Baby Teeth?

should you save baby teeth

It’s likely that you and your child relish the opportunity to beckon the Tooth Fairy’s arrival by placing that newly lost tooth under the pillow. However, there is one very good reason to consider doling out a few dollars, telling the Tooth Fairy to back off, and save baby teeth: Those baby teeth could actually save your child’s life one day!

The Medical Marvel of Preserving Baby Teeth

You’ve likely heard about the benefits of preserving an infant’s umbilical cord, which can later be used to procure life-saving stem cells. According to the International Cord Blood Society, these stem cells have been used in lieu of bone marrow transplants to treat more than 80 diseases including leukemia, Hodgkin’s disease, multiple myeloma, and diabetes. But did you know that freshly plucked baby teeth also boast extractable stem cells that can be cryogenically preserved for later use by your child or other close relatives?

Timing is Critical to Preserve Precious Stem Cells

Dozens of companies offering tooth preservation and stem cell extraction have cropped up in the last decade in hopes of being a part of this potentially life-saving trend. However, timing is critical, with a mere 48-hour window from the time the baby tooth is pulled until it reaches the laboratory to undergo the extraction process. The tooth’s dental pulp must have had recent access to blood flow in order to have viable stem cells, so you’ll need to plan ahead and have a company provided ‘tooth kit’ on hand should you choose to save baby teeth.

How it Works

Parents should immediately take possession of the lost tooth and carefully follow the instructions on the tooth kit. Generally, this involves placing the tooth in a container filled with preservation solution and ship it to the lab via overnight delivery. The lab will then harvest viable stem cells and store them – for a price, of course. You should also speak to your child’s practitioner on their next early dental care appointment to learn more about the process and its promising outlook.

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