The Dumfries Orthodontists at Potomac Pediatric Dentistry can give you the smile of your dreams.

At Potomac Pediatric Dentistry, our Dumfries orthodontists can give our patients a beautiful smile through our orthodontic services. We offer a wide selection of braces to help you accomplish your goals of straighter teeth, a better bite, and a healthier, gorgeous smile.

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Early Orthodontic Treatment

Early orthodontic treatment starts around age 9 and can help more invasive treatments in the future.

Dumfries Braces | Potomac Pediatric Dentistry


Braces are viewed today almost as a rite of passage for modern teens. The method, now perfected, has proven to be highly effective for helping teens – and adults alike, achieve straighter smiles.

Orthodontic Appliances | Dumfries Orthodontist | Potomac Pediatric Dentistry


Orthodontic appliances are tools our Dumfries orthodontist may use to help braces straighten teeth or address other alignment issues more effectively.

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Emergency Care

True orthodontic emergencies are rare, but when they occur, here are some tips to provide orthodontic emergency care at home. 

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