Is Dental Sedation Safe for Kids?

Have you ever thought about if dental sedation is safe for your little one?

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From young children to older adults, many of us visit the dentist every single year. While these visits usually consist of routine cleanings, sometimes more extensive work is performed. Whether you’re dealing with cavities or root canals, most of these services require some sort of sedation. But have you ever thought about if these forms of sedation are safe? And given that many kids are involved with these procedures, it’s even more important to focus on the safety of these sedation methods. In this post, we’ll work to answer the very important question: Is dental sedation safe for kids?

Dentists Claim it’s Very Safe

While many parents are scared when their child sits in the dentist chair, they should know that the sedation they receive is very safe. However, there are some things the parents can do before and after treatment to ensure the whole process runs smoothly and safely. These include:

Prepare Before the Appointment

The first step to a safe dental procedure starts with the proper preparation. Before treatment, parents should restrict giving their child any type of food or drink. Additionally, parents should ensure that their child is dressed in loose-fitting clothing, so the dental assistants can attach monitors effectively. It’s also vital for a parent to discuss their child’s medical history, including if they’re currently taking any medication.

Before leaving for the dentist and while at the appointment, the parent should be very positive and uplifting with their child. They shouldn’t be negative in any way, and it also helps to bring a comfort item that the child loves.

After the Sedation

When your child comes out of sedation, it’s usually best if the parent is present. This can be a very confusing and emotional time for the patient, especially if it’s their first time being sedated, so parents are encouraged to be present and to be encouraging upon waking up. For the first few hours after sedation, the parents should always be by the child’s side, and they should only give them soft foods.

Preparation is Key!

As parents, it’s your duty to make sure that you and your child are prepared for dental sedation. This will ensure no complications with the procedure, and hopefully leads to a happy child!