Helping to Wiggle Your Child’s Loose Tooth Out

Helping to Wiggle Your Child’s Loose Tooth Out

Be sure to employ a pain-free method for helping to remove a loose tooth!

According to the American Dental Association, your child will start shedding her primary teeth between 6 and 7 years with the process ending when she’s about 12 years. Permanent teeth the replace the fallen ones. Still, a baby’s primary teeth will need proper dental care as they help in chewing and pronunciation.

While primary teeth usually come out on their own, some kids still need help to remove a loose tooth that won’t come out on its own. Some kids are excited to lose the tooth and others are afraid there’ll be pain and blood.

Some will say, ‘All I want for Christmas is my two front teeth.’ If your child has wiggler that will need coaxing to come out, they’ll ask for help. Be sure to employ a pain-free method to remove it.

Here’s a painless method of removing your kid’s loose tooth;

While there may be several methods of removing the tooth, the classic ‘string tied to the doorknob’ is easy and painless.

Encourage your kid to wiggle the tooth using the tongue (he may be doing it anyway) and fingers. This helps to loosen the tooth even more, and you may not need to pull at all if the tooth happens to come out. You may also suggest brushing several times a day or that she eats something crunchy like an apple to loosen the tooth even more.

If the tooth is loose enough but will only flop around the socket or hangs by a tiny thread, then it’s time to apply our string technique. Clean your hands with soap and water and gauge how lose the tooth is.

Tie a string from the tooth and to the doorknob. A small piece of tissue or a gauze will help ensure a firm grip. Get the kid to stand away from the door and slam it. The tooth should come out without much hassle and less pain. Don’t forget to place a clean gauze in the gap to prevent bleed. Wash her mouth when the bleeding stops.

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