5 Sure Fire Secrets to Easy Oral Care for Kids

Oral care for kids doesn’t have to be a complicated process. We’ve outlined our top 5 secrets to getting your kids the best oral care possible and set them up for years of a healthy smile!

Regular Brushing, the Foundation for Great Oral Care for Kids

Regular brushing is one of the easiest things to be done to improve your kid’s oral hygiene. Brushing gets rid of plaque and bacteria that can cause problems like cavities. Getting into a regular routine of brushing twice a day prepares your child with the foundation of great oral hygiene.

Don’t Forget to Floss!


Just like brushing, regular flossing can keep those nasties (plaque and bacteria) at bay. Flossing should be done at least once a day for maximum effectiveness. And don’t forget about the tongue! Have your kid brush their tongue too to get rid of bacteria and more from its surface.

Keep Sugary and Starchy Foods to a Minimum

A balanced diet is vital not only to your child’s overall well being, but also specifically to their dental health.

Frequent snacking on sugary, starchy food can cause weakness in the tooth enamel and eventually cavities.

Limit foods like potato chips, cookies, candies, dried fruits, sodas and pretzels to promote a healthy mouth.

Limit sugary foods

Use Fluoride In The Line of Defense

Fluoride is usually found in municipal water supplies and is very effective at preventing tooth decay.

If you are on well water, or if you think you don’t have fluoride in your water, speak to your dentist about ways to introduce this into your child’s routine. Most likely they will prescribe an edible fluoride pill that can be taken daily.

Regular Checkups to the Dentist


Seeing the dentist on a regular basis will ensure excellent oral health.

Your dentist will be able to spot any problems early on and will be an advocate to you in your child’s dental health.

Here at Potomac Pediatric Dentistry we are committed to making sure your child has a happy mouth! Schedule your appointment today to start on the road to great oral hygiene.