10 Fun Dental Facts For Kids


Trying to get kids to see the fun side of dentistry can be like… pulling teeth!

10 Fun Dental Facts For Kids

Potomac Pediatric Dentistry came up with this list of interesting info to help kids in Virginia see dentistry in a different light. Try them out as a way to make things easier when it’s time for their next checkup.

Dental Fact #1

Your tooth enamel’s the strongest substance in your body. Not even your leg bones are stronger!

Dental Fact #2

People used to give false teeth as wedding gifts because they expected to lose all their teeth at an early age.

Dental Fact #3

Kids in North America, or rather their parents, shell out nearly half a billion dollars every day just on gum.

Dental Fact #4

We use around 3 million miles worth of dental floss every year. That’s still only about 3% of the distance from the earth to the sun.

Dental Fact #5

Each person creates about 100,000 gallons of saliva while they’re alive.

Dental Fact #6

Romans living in 200 A.D mixed egg shells, bones, oyster shells, and honey together as a way to clean their teeth.

Dental Fact #7

Prehistoric kids never worried about cavities because sugar hadn’t been discovered yet. Was it worth the trade-off?

Dental Fact #8

Eating coconut helps prevent cavities since it naturally fights off bacteria. We’re talking raw coconuts, not coconut donuts!

Dental Fact #9

Dinosaurs could grow new teeth when one got broken or knocked out.

Dental Fact #10

There are more bacteria inside your mouth than there are people on Earth.

Making Things Fun For Area Kids

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